In 1934 Alexander Glendinning of Embro enrolled in the Canadian School of Embalming in Toronto. He received his embalmers license in October 1935 and one year later he received his Funeral Directors License in 1936. After some research Alex felt that a Funeral Home was needed in Plattsville and he and his wife Dorothy moved to 4 Victoria St., Plattsville and opened the Glendinning Funeral Home. Along with the Funeral Home, Alex operated the local Ambulance service until 1967; he was a carpenter and had sold furniture as well to help make a living.

In 1962 the former Public School property became available and was purchased by the Glendinning’s. A fire in 1963 destroyed the Funeral Home at 4 Victoria St. The Old School was renovated with a new Funeral Home, apartments and the family residence at 40 William St., Plattsville in 1964. Alex Glendinning conducted some 800 funerals over 44 years in Plattsville, his first on January 22, 1936 and his last on December 3, 1980. Due to ill health Alex was forced to retire on December 31, 1980 and the Business was closed.

Alexander Thomas Glendinning died on April 5, 1981 at the age of 72 years.

In 1986 Alex’s grandson Jeffrey Glendinning started in the Funeral Service Education Program at Humber College and Graduated June 1988. He received his license July 4, 1988 and on September 13, 1988 re-opened his grandfathers business, the Glendinning Funeral Home. His grandmother was still there to provide valued information on families and the history of the family and the business. This continued until Dorothy Forbes Glendinning died on October 26, 1994.

Their Grandson Jeffrey continues to operate the Glendinning Funeral Home Ltd. at 40 William St., Plattsville with the pride, compassion, caring and understanding that his Grandparents did for so many years.


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